Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cupid & Psyche

While researching Cupid and Psyche I found a lot of art work inspired by the story. I didn't hav a lot to add to the discussion we had in class - I was going to talk about how much it reminded me of Disney's Beauty and the beast, but apparently everyone else thought so too! So I thought instead I'd post some of my favorite images and talk about them a little instead.

I also found this Cupid and Psyche puppet show on youtube. I was amazed at how many youtube videos I found while working on blogs. I only wish I knew how to post the video directly here =).

Psyche sees Cupid for the first time and spills the hot oil on his shoulder.

This painting is entitled "The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche.

And finally, the statue of Cupid & Psyche (my favorite) which stands in the Louve. I thought it must be such an inspiring story if so many arts depicted it in so many mediums. There are even computer generated images of it.

image sources, in order:

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