Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the past possessess my present daily blog reading

This blog documents conversations people overhear and submit to be posted - the only thing I could think while I read it (other than I had to stop laughing because my face hurt) was that these were all perfect examples of Steiner's conflicts. And some of them are just crazy.

This probably doesn't qualify as a post all on its own, but I wanted to share:

Also, I don't know if anyone else has ever read the blog Dlisted (its pretty crude, but if you're into that kind of humor its good) but I found this a while ago & it made me think of the phallocentrism/Lysistrata business. Just a warning: It's graphic and kind of gross.

This is a yearly festival that takes place in Japan celebrating the phallus. The author's commentary (while amusing to my incredibly immature self) is kind of offensive, but the pictures are funny.


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  1. God that first website was absolutely hilarious!! Thanx i SO needed that! =D