Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The following is a link to a brief article about how Hermes was the introduction of humor to the world order and how,as a relatively late coming god, he uses it to become an established in the immortal community, so to speak. Because he makes the other gods laugh, he gains their approval for his cleverness instead of their derision. Its a short little thing, but interesting. I especially liked the line "Humor presents us with surplus satisfaction, something pleasant that we never had to ask for".

The picture at the top is from a vase, depicting Hermes stealing Apollo's cattle. I found several artistic depictions of Hermes, which I'd like to include here. The vase was found at: http://www.minervaclassics.com/hermes1.jpg . On the blue background is Hermes creating the lyre. The statue is baby Hermes and Dionysus. I'll post the links at the bottom so you can view them larger if you want.

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