Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Steiner's Conflicts

One of the things I've noticed most since we did the newspaper reading is that little bits of my life seem to stand out more because I notice them as similar to something we've read or discussed in class. Obviously Steiner's conflicts are going to be present in our day-to-day lives, but I thought I'd sit down and document a few, just because.

Man vs Women - I'm not personally having a lot of man drama right now, but I get calls, texts, and emails daily from various family memebers needing to vent. My youngest sister just broke up with her first boyfriend because he was like boring movies (oh, to be 12), but called me crying when she found that her best friend had HELD HANDS! with him at lunch. Fickle, angsty pre-teen love at its mascara-teary best.

An older cousin sent me a message via facebook about her frustrating new husband (their story is a little bit Cupid & Psyche-esque) who keeps compairing her cooking to his mothers - he even went so far to suggest that she get some tips and recipes during a recent visit. I thought about suggesting she dump something hot on him, but I didn't think she'd get the reference. I suppose you don't really know anyone until you're married and living together.

An aunt whose husband works construction is having a difficult time because his work has been slow lately due to weather. She sent me a text a couple of weeks ago saying she was just THIS close to putting him in time out with her three year old. Apparently, when he gets bored he sits in the kitchen and sings off key english folk songs.

Youth vs Aged - I think everyone in class can relate to this: my parents have no idea what its like going to college now as opposed to when they went. My parents both went here, but about 20 years ago, and things have changed since then. Neither took more than 13 credits a semester and they didn't have to deal with the extreme student loans and high tuition costs of today. Which brings me to Individual vs Society

Individual vs Society - My parents both have masters degrees and they both want me to have a masters degree and for the most part I just want to be done with school. I've brought up several alternatives to a traditional four year degree, but they weren't hearin any of it. All I've heard since my senior year of high school is "You can't get anywhere without a four year degree anymore." Despite the many articles I've presented them with about the difficulty grads are having getting jobs (employers who can have lower pay for high school grads = no jobs for college grads) they're adamant that according to the society we live in I'm not going to amount to anything much if I don't have that degree in hand in 2011.

Living vs Dead - My family recently had a small memorial for a cousin who died in a car accident a year and two weeks ago. She had just turned 24. While we were home I overheard my great grandma, who raised Lyndsey, talking to one of my aunts. She said "I keep expecting her to walk in the door, I look up and expect her to be there. Then I realize she isnt' coming home anymore and I'm so sad all over again." It was completely heart breaking and I know how she feels. I have to remind myself all the time that she's not here anymore. I didn't get to see her very often, so it sneaks up on my sometimes. I'm going through some pictures on my computer and find one of her at another aunt's bridal shower or someone's wedding or a family reuinion and I have to remind myself she's not exsisting somewhere - she's really gone.

God vs Mortal - This one is harder for me. I think maybe for an individual, rather than in literature or myths, this has more to do with your own mortality than dealing with the wrath of gods. I'll be twenty soon, which isn't really a big deal, but it feels weird to say I've been alive for two decades. I think my best friend put it pretty well when she said "Sometimes I look at little kids and I'm kind of jealous - they're just starting off and we'll be gone so much sooner than them."

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